20 1.25” Steel Weld Cups for Patio Furniture Wrought Iron Foot Replacement


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Steel weld cups with a 1.25″ inner diameter used for replacing a wrought iron welded foot. Center hole is 3/8″ diameter. Part numbers 30-611 and 30-613 will fit into this weld cup. Cups are unfinished and may have surface rust when you receive them. These parts are made to be welded to the legs of wrought iron furniture. They cannot be zinc plated anodized galvanized or metalized because those finishes will cause harmful fumes for the welder. It is impossible to completely stop unfinished steel parts from rusting on the surface. The 30-408 parts are coated with oil to help reduce the amount of oxidation that causes rust. They should be degreased by cleaning with soap and hot water before they are welded or painted. The welding will cause the part to burn so you will need to clean the welded foot after the welding by sanding wire wheel polishing or sand blasting before they are prepared for paint.


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